Royal Burgh Collection.

We mature our whisky using generous amounts of fine, Sherry-Oak Casks to produce a fuller and fruitier taste. This subtle taste is marked by flavours of fine toasted cereals and apple. As the whisky matures it is joined by more complex notes of roasted nuts, exotic fruits, and eucalyptus.

The extended maturation these malts receive in cask (the youngest for sixteen years) gives them exceptional character ensuring a smooth, and exceptionally mellow finish in every sip.

16 Year.

This subtle expression with a golden amber colour has notes of fine toasted cereals and apple, making this a full, fruity malt with a smooth and mellow finish.

20 Year.

This bold expression with a deep gold colour has notes of fine toasted cereals, roasted hazelnuts and exotic fruits, making it a rich, fruity malt with a refined and long-lingering finish.

30 Year.

This venerable expression with its deep auburn colour begins with a refreshing note of eucalyptus, developing with notes of fine toasted cereals, sweet almonds and vanilla with coconut making it a spiced, richly fruity malt with a complex and characterful finish.